Chinook Outdoor Club

Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, the Chinook Outdoor Club or COC organizes full day trips for its members to hike, scramble, cycle, back-country ski, telemark and snowshoe in the Southern Alberta Rockies. Our destinations include Waterton National Park, Glacier National Park (Montana), the Castle River drainage, the Crowsnest Pass and the Upper Oldman River area. We ask that participants in our COC outings be well-equipped for the mountains, and fit and able to hike or ski for up to eight hours.

About COC

Since 1971, Chinook Outdoor Club members have been exploring the hills and mountains to the west of Lethbridge. Our active, hardcore COC members are generally over forty – with a few younger exceptions – and we go to the mountains every Saturday or Sunday. The Chinook Outdoor Club would love to share its knowledge of the local mountains with new members. COC invites newcomers to participate in one outing as guests, to see if you like what we are doing.


More About COC

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Club Happenings:
The Summer Campout will be held August 11, 12, 13 and 14 at Kokanee Campground in British Columbia. This is a popular camping and hiking weekend for club members and if you are interested in attending please contact
What we do
Every two months we send out a schedule that describes planned outings and gives contact information about the trip coordinator. Our full day trips are on or off trail, vary in length from 12 – 25 kilometres, and involve an elevation gain from 1500 – 3500 feet. Average group size varies from six to fifteen. We also get together for regular meetings, slideshows, parties and a summer weekend campout.
How to try us out
To participate as a guest, you must register with the trip coordinator on the day before the outing. You must also sign a waiver form. You can ask the coordinator for more information about the trip, and the coordinator will likely ask you about your fitness level, gear and outdoor experience.
Who we are not
We are not a fitness club, but we do expect members to be physically fit for the outings they choose from our trip schedule. Also, since we do not offer formal training courses, we expect that members will have the necessary expertise for their chosen activities.
Why join?
We would love to share our knowledge of the local mountains with new members. Our trip coordinators can introduce you to unfrequented, off trail places. You can also enjoy slideshows, parties and summer campouts with a good group of like-minded people. We invite newcomers to participate in one outing as guests, to see if you like what we are doing. Membership also will provide you with access to our members only services.